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Online Success Checklist for Families

Use this checklist to think about your student’s strengths and needs. Resources are available for some items, or click on the heading for more information.

How To Get Ready for an Online Class

  • I have helped my student set up a dedicated workspace.
  • Supporting Learning from Home
  • I have checked to make sure my student has the needed technology, applications, and other resources to complete their work and work with their teacher(s) and classmates.
  • I have accessed and reviewed the course schedule (syllabus) and pacing guide with my student.
  • I am clear on the expectations the school has for my student regarding participation, engagement, and assignment completion
  • Do’s and Dont’s of Online Learning

How To Get Things Done

  • I know where and how to access on-going assignments, messages, grades, and attendance.
  • I have confirmed the best method of communication with my student’s teacher for myself and have 
  • talked to my student about how and when to get help.
  • I can use resources to support my student’s overall learning and success.
  • Family Guide to At-Home Learning

How To Work with Others during an Online Class

  • I have shared with the teachers any challenges or situations that I may have in assisting my student and discussed strategies I could use.
  • I am ready to support my student and to partner with the teacher in my student’s learning.
  • Relationships that Matter: 5 Keys

How To Thrive (Survive) in an Online Class

Supporting Social-Emotional-Behavioral Health (SEBH)

  • We have regular things we do as a family to stay happy, healthy, and connected to each other.
  • I can tell when something is becoming a bigger problem for my student and when they might need extra help.
  • I know who to call or what to do if my student is facing a difficult problem socially, emotionally, or behaviorally.


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