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How to Get Ready for an Online Class for Students

Getting ready for an online class includes making yourself a space and thinking about how you work best. Some people need no distractions and quiet; others need music or headphones to block everything else out.

Are you someone who needs food and rest BEFORE you get to work? Plan a study schedule that works for you. If you find you keep putting off your work, consider setting yourself up for a reward. Work 20 minutes, get a 10 minute break. Breaks are really important for helping your brain soak in new knowledge and information.

Do you like to get the hard things done first, or start with easier work so you get on a roll? There’s no “perfect” way to do schoolwork, only what works best for you. Here’s a short video about being successful in an online course.

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If the video above was helpful, MichiganVirtual has a self-paced clickable set of resources called SOS- Strategies for Online Success. It’s free and you can click around anywhere that’s helpful.