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Four Success Strategies for Online Learning

1. Manage Your Time 

  • Find a way to track assignments and study time that works for you. Maybe keep a calendar, use the notes app on your phone, or record items in a notebook.
  • If a course outline is available, enter due dates in your assignment/study tracker. If not, enter assignments and due dates when they’re provided in class. A calendar with reminders for study or work time prior to the deadline works great. 
  • Use your assignment/study tracker to create a to-do list and decide exactly what work needs to be done during planned study times.  
  • When are you most awake and able to focus? Schedule your most challenging tasks during that time whenever possible.

2. Minimize Distractions  

  • Think about the kinds of things that distract you while you’re studying or working on an assignment. 
  • If noise is distracting, reduce background noise by turning off the T.V. or music. 
  • If notification sounds or having your phone or other electronic devices nearby is too tempting, consider silencing them or putting them somewhere that allows you to focus on your work.
  • Tell others that you are studying so they know not to interrupt you. 

3. Overcome Procrastination 

  • For bigger projects or preparing for tests, breaking them down into smaller steps or sections to review can make it feel more manageable.
  • Do the easy task first! Starting with the easiest or quickest thing first can feel like a ‘small win’ and is great motivation to accomplish more.
  • Invite a classmate or friend to study together and encourage each other to stay on task. 
  • Sharing your deadlines with family and friends may help you stay accountable for meeting the deadlines.
  • Plan a reward as motivation to finish a challenging task, or a series of smaller rewards for each step of a larger project.

4. Get Organized   

  • Make a comfortable study space for yourself. Being uncomfortable while trying to study makes it harder to concentrate.
  • Do you have everything you need? Make sure your study space has the things you need to work, including any course materials and a stable internet connection.
  • A wall calendar in your study area or alerts set on an online calendar can help with keeping yourself on schedule for study time and classes.