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ILC High School Spanish I - Full Year

World Language
Grade Level
Course Format
Full Year
Course Description

In this course, learners continue their introduction to Spanish with fundamental building blocks in four key areas of world language study: listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing, preparing them for a wide range of basic interactions with people, places, and things in their new language environment. They will learn how to describe their family members and others, state what they do, indicate where various people and items are located, and express basic wants and needs. They will learn the basic vocabulary required to begin talking about place of origin, hobbies, family members, interests (e.g., likes, dislikes), animals, and the environment, emotions related to family, friends, or pets. They will also learn how to ask about or describe the identity, cost, quantity, and basic physical characteristics of various items while investigating similarities and differences on these topics with Spanish-speaking areas of the world.

These instructional materials were built with the ACTFL World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages in mind. Curriculum leaders and teachers should review these instructional materials to ensure full implementation of relevant standards. Each module identifies standards that are addressed and assessed, and this course creates a year-long curriculum when combined with ILC High School Spanish I - 1st Semester.

High School Spanish I - 1st Semester should be completed before High School Spanish I - 2nd Semester unless students have prior Spanish-speaking experience, as it is a year-long course.

Lead developer
Nicole Wiemann
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