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ILC 6th Grade Science - Full Year

Grade Level
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Full Year
Course Description

The ILC 6th Grade Science - Full Year materials are designed as a year-long course. Semester 1 and Semester 2 will be available separately for download. The course materials utilize content from OpenSciEd. The goal of this course is to support students’ growth toward being scientifically literate citizens, utilizing relevant phenomena as the anchor to develop key skills and content knowledge. The course covers a broad range of topics in the following units: Light, Thermal Energy, and Rock Cycling & Plate Tectonics, Systems of the Body, Chemical Reactions and Matter, and Energy.

These instructional materials are available to assist educators in implementing Iowa’s Academic Standards. Curriculum leaders and teachers should review these instructional materials to ensure full implementation of Iowa’s Academic Standards in the local curriculum. Each module identifies standards that are addressed and assessed, and this course creates a year-long curriculum when ILC 6th Grade Science - 1st Semester and ILC 6th Grade Science - 2nd Semester are combined.

ILC 6th Grade Science - 1st Semester should be completed before ILC 6th Grade Science - 2nd Semester, as it is a year-long course.

Source Name

OpenSciEd. (n.d.). Grade 6 Units.

Lead developer
Sarah Borzo and Amanda Corwin
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